Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Backing Up an Analysis Services Database

There are a lot of DBA’s out there who have to administer SQL Analysis Services, but haven’t the slightest clue on how to do anything more than set it up and grant security. After the database has been setup and cubes are being created, it will need to be backed up just like the SQL databases you are already familiar with. So how do you backup an Analysis Services database when you can’t use the T-SQL commands you know and love? The answer is Analysis Services commands.

Start by opening up a new Analysis Services XMLA Query and log into the Analysis Services instance. You can do this by selecting File -> New -> Analysis Services XMLA Query
It will open up what looks to be a T-SQL window but it will only accept XML commands against the Analysis Services database. The following query will back up a single Analysis Services database without encryption or compression.

<Backup xmlns="">
    <DatabaseID>Insert SSAS Database name here</DatabaseID>

Insert your own values into the <DatabaseID >, <File>,<AllowOverwrite> fields and run the command. Once you have it working, you can schedule it in a SQL Agent Job just like any other backup job that you may have out there. In the job step, select a type of “SQL Server Analysis Services Command”
A more in-depth reference be found here:

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